services-media-relationsMedia Relations
Through our partnerships with our clients we provide media relation services including drafting and disseminating press releases, media advisories, speeches, organizing press conferences and meetings with media professionals, as well as building and maintaining relationships with print, broadcast, and electronic media.



Special Event Management
The Lollar Group provides a turnkey approach to event management by developing the strategy behind an event, planning all steps to achieve event goals, managing and supervising all aspects of the event, and providing post event follow up and analysis.


services-crisis-managementCrisis Management
The Lollar Group manages crisis situations through effective planning and communication. Current economic realities have challenged organizations to employ cause-related marketing and corporate social responsibility that align with relevant causes in communities. Choosing the right cause and the right partners is essential in delivering measurable business results and building community currency in an increasingly competitive environment.


Brand Development and Management
For years, great emphasis has been placed on integrating marketing with communications. From a changing media landscape that includes social media, to the rise of reputation management, the perfect storm of events has set the conditions for professionals to realize the end. We tactically work with our clients in planning, developing and managing their brand through ongoing brand assessments.


services-municipalGovernment, Community and Diversity Relations
At The Lollar Group, we strive to maintain mutually beneficial community relationships. With an emphasis on community relations, The Lollar Group specializes in providing client services on a variety of sensitive public affairs issues, including planning and administering grassroots strategies and coordinating media relations efforts.  Gone are the days of partnering with a nonprofit, writing a check and receiving a halo for a company’s commitment. Today, the strength and sustainer of cause movements rest in the hands of the consumer. Companies must now be innovative regarding their approach to support worthy causes.


We work with clients to recognize the importance of diversity relations in regards to communication goals, development and implementation.